RTN Top 8 Interview - Travis Wong

Occupation: Corporate Secretary

Self Introduction about yourself 

I am Jierui's biggest fan. I await his return like the Sun God Nika.

Why and how did you start to play FAB?

Started way back during the CRU era, like most people, we were stuck at home during the covid period and FAB seemed like a very unique game.

What attracts you to keep on playing?

The community and the constant design innovation for new archetypes and mechanics

What is your best FAB-related story, since you have started playing FAB!

Slowly and steadily poisoning each of my friends into the game is the best stories of their own.

What do you like about Singapore FAB community?

We're one big family

What do you think that our Singapore community needs to improve on?

Need someone open a LGS in Yishun.

What do you think of the set Heavy Hitters

Didn't expect much of it, but was pleasantly surprised how much it added to the game

Any tips and advice to players who are playing this season's RTN?

Don't be afraid of losing ELO, you can't climb if you don't try.

Click here for decklist!

Road to nationals

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