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(1st Edition) Absorption Dome - CRU104
(1st Edition) Adrenaline Rush (Blue)- MON265
(1st Edition) Adrenaline Rush (Red) - MON263
(1st Edition) Adrenaline Rush (Yellow) - MON264
(1st Edition) Aether Conduit - CRU160
(1st Edition) Aether Ironweave - MON230
(1st Edition) Aether Wildfire - EVR123
(1st Edition) Aetherize - CRU164
(1st Edition) Aetherize - CRU164
Sale price$4.00 SGD
(1st Edition) Amulet of Assertiveness - EVR176
(1st Edition) Amulet of Earth - ELE143
(1st Edition) Amulet of Echoes - EVR177
(1st Edition) Amulet of Havencall - EVR178
(1st Edition) Amulet of Ice - ELE172
(1st Edition) Amulet of Ignition - EVR179
(1st Edition) Amulet of Intervention - EVR180
(1st Edition) Amulet of Lightning - ELE201
(1st Edition) Amulet of Oblation - EVR181
(1st Edition) Anothos - CRU023
(1st Edition) Anothos - CRU023
Sale price$1.00 SGD
(1st Edition) Arc Light Sentinel - MON005
(1st Edition) Arcane Lantern - EVR155
(1st Edition) Arcanic Crackle (Blue) - MON237
(1st Edition) Arcanic Crackle (Red) - MON235
(1st Edition) Arcanic Crackle (Yellow) - MON236
(1st Edition) Arcanic Shockwave (Blue) - ELE075

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