About the Game - Flesh and Blood

Flesh and Blood (FAB) is one of the new Trading Card Game (TCG). It is a hero-centric, competitive (mostly) two-player duel, set in fantasy world which allows you to take the role of a character (e.g. a ninja, a knight, a wizard, etc.) working with your equipment, spells, and moves to outdo your opponent in a battle.

The game was launched in 2019 by Legend Story Studio (LSS), and it has been gathering momentum to the mainstream TCG gaming market for those who are looking for a new TCG experience.


What makes Flesh and Blood different?

While some argue that most TCGs feel "samey", in a sense that two players come face-to-face on a table and repeatedly smash each other until one of them is rendered beaten, Flesh and Blood was designed to differ from the existing conventional popular TCG:

  • Planning and Preparation: You can set aside a card to the next round, which you could use to defend an opponent's attack, or set aside a good card for a stronger combination on the next turn. 
  • Equipment Deck: Your character has an equipment (e.g. armor, helmet, boots), which grants you different abilities during the battle.
  • Decision: The cards are multi-purpose, you can use it for its effect /action or for its points / resource to activate another card; so apart from deciding which card to play, you also need to decide which card you can afford not to play.
  • Gameplay: Every turn, you are always doing something. Be it on your turn or your opponent's turn. 




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