We are pleased to announce that we are opening our space @ Fyendal Hobby to allow cards and FAB products drop offs & pickup for you!

Something to help you if you're unable to arrange a time with your buyer or seller. We can also act as the middleman to do trades for you, if you are not located in Singapore.

Prior to the trade/dropoff/pickup, please either drop an email to fyendalhobby@gmail.com or FB message to @Fyendalhobby regarding it.

By using our service, you acknowledge that:-

  1. You are a customer of Fyendal Hobby, having completed an online order in the past 6 months, with valid contact details in our system.
  2. While we try our best to keep the cards here safe, we will not be held responsible for any lost or damaged cards.
  3. Items dropped off should be collected 1 month from the dropoff date. After the 1 month period, we reserve the rights to dispose off or charge an administrative fee of $1/day. 

We appreciate your understanding and your cooperation in this service as a gesture of our goodwill.

Thank you and have a nice day!

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