RTN Top 8 Interview - Fauzi Ibrahim

Occupation: Director, Digital Marketing

Self Introduction about yourself 

A digital marketing director working at a fintech based in Singapore.

I grew up playing a lot of video games especially RPGs on the PS1 and PS2. Classics such as Breath of Fire 3, Lunar Silverstar Story, Xenogears, Brave Fencer Musashi, Suikoden 3, and of course my favourite series ever, Final Fantasy....especially Final Fantasy 7.

On days that I'm not playing video games, working or playing FaB, I will most likely be at the gym.

Why and how did you start to play FAB?

It was during Covid and I was looking for a new hobby and got introduced to Flesh and Blood by Shan, a close buddy of mine. He got me an Ira welcome deck and we played at the store. CRU just came out at that time so cards were hard to come by. But still I really enjoyed the back and fourth gameplay.

What attracts you to keep on playing?

Fun, varied and generally balanced gameplay

What is your best FAB-related story, since you have started playing FAB!

I was really tilted using Briar at the first Calling Singapore a couple of years back. Went to a friend, Travis, and asked him for his Dromai decklist. Put the deck together the next day for Battle Hardened and I did really well! But unfortunately, couldn't crack into the Top 8..

What do you like about Singapore FAB community?

The fierce competition bundled with a welcoming community

What do you think of the set Heavy Hitters

The best set ever. Draft, sealed and CC is a lot of fun. I've been raving about this set ever since it was released.

Any tips and advice to players who are playing this season's RTN?

There's no way to tech against everyone. So if you're looking to win, get at least an A-tier hero and have a lot of reps on them.

Click here for decklist!

Road to nationals

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