About the Game - Sorcery: Contested Realm

An "old school" fantasy card game for players with a rich imagination, tactical nerve and an appreciation for hand-painted art.

Sorcery: Contested Realm is a tactical TCG played on a 5x4 grid. You choose your Avatar who will build realms with sites on the grid. Your Avatar crafts artifacts, summons minions, cast magic, auras and spells to battle with the opposing Avatars to determine who will emerge victorious in the Realm! The artwork gives brings you back to the 90s, where "old school" artworks are being hand-painted by the legends in the TCG world. To name a few: Anson Maddocks, Drew Tucker, Frank Frazetta, Ian Miller,Jeff Easley, Jeff Menges, Melissa Benson and Tony Szczudlo

The game was launched in 2022 by Erik's Curiosa Limited, and it has been gathering momentum for those who favours the "old school" experience of the 90s!  


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