Welcome to Rathe UL Guardian Rare & Common Playset Pack

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Welcome to Rathe Guardian Rare & Common Playset Pack

1x Bravo, Showstopper [Token]
1x Bravo [Token]
1x Anothos [Token]
1x Helm of Isen's Peak [Equipment]
3x Disable (Red)
3x Disable (Yellow)
3x Disable (Blue)
3x Staunch Response(Red)
3x Staunch Response (Yellow)
3x Staunch Response (Blue)
3x Blessing of Deliverance (Red)
3x Blessing of Deliverance (Yellow)
3x Blessing of Deliverance (Blue)
3x Buckling Blow (Red)
3x Buckling Blow (Yellow)
3x Buckling Blow (Blue)
3x Cartilage Crush (Red)
3x Cartilage Crush (Yellow)
3x Cartilage Crush (Blue)
3x Crush Confidence (Red)
3x Crush Confidence (Yellow)
3x Crush Confidence (Blue)
3x Debilitate (Red)
3x Debilitate (Yellow)
3x Debilitate (Blue)
3x Emerging Power (Red)
3x Emerging Power (Yellow)
3x Emerging Power (Blue)
3x Stonewall Confidence (Red)
3x Stonewall Confidence (Yellow)
3x Stonewall Confidence (Blue)
1x Seismic Surge [Token]

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