Tales of Aria Guardian Rare & Common Playset Pack

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Tales of Aria Guardian Rare & Common Playset Pack

1x Oldhim, Grandfather of Eternity [Token]
1x Oldhim [Token]
1x Titan's Fist [Token]
1x Rotten Old Buckler [Equipment]
1x Seismic Surge [Token]
1x Frostbite [Token]
3x Embolden (Red)
3x Embolden (Yellow)
3x Embolden (Blue)
3x Biting Gale (Red)
3x Biting Gale (Yellow)
3x Biting Gale (Blue)
3x Turn Timber (Red)
3x Turn Timber (Yellow)
3x Turn Timber (Blue)
3x Entangle (Red)
3x Entangle (Yellow)
3x Entangle (Blue)
3x Glacial Footsteps (Red)
3x Glacial Footsteps(Yellow)
3x Glacial Footsteps (Blue)
3x Mulch (Red)
3x Mulch (Yellow)
3x Mulch (Blue)
3x Snow Under (Red)
3x Snow Under (Yellow)
3x Snow Under (Blue)
3x Emerging Avalanche (Red)
3x Emerging Avalanche (Yellow)
3x Emerging Avalanche (Blue)
3x Strength of Sequoia (Red)
3x Strength of Sequoia (Yellow)
3x Strength of Sequoia (Blue)
3x Thump (Red)
3x Thump (Yellow)
3x Thump (Blue)

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