Outsiders Ranger Rare & Common Playset Pack

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Outsiders Ranger Rare & Common Playset Pack

1x Azalea, Ace in the Hole [Token]
1x Azalea [Token]
1x Riptide, Lurker of the Deep [Token]
1x Riptide
1x Barbed Castaway [Token]
1x Crow's Nest [Token]
1x Driftwood Quiver [Token]

1x Wayfinder's Crest [Equipment]
1x Mask of Malicious Manifestations [Equipment]
1x Toxic Tips [Equipment]
3x Death Touch (Red)
3x Death Touch (Yellow)
3x Death Touch (Blue)
3x Toxicity (Red)
3x Toxicity (Yellow)
3x Toxicity (Blue)
3x Boulder Trap
3x Tarpit Trap
3x Pendulum Trap
3x Fletch a Red Tail
3x Fletch a Yellow Tail
3x Fletch a Blue Tail
3x Lace with Bloodrot
3x Lace with Frailty
3x Lace with Inertia
3x Virulent Touch (Red)
3x Virulent Touch (Yellow)
3x Virulent Touch (Blue)
3x Bloodrot Tra
3x Frailty Trap 
3x Inertia Trap
3x Falcon Wing
3x Falcon Wing (Yellow)
3x Falcon Wing (Blue)
3x Infecting Shot (Red)
3x Infecting Shot (Yellow)
3x Infecting Shot (Blue)
3x Murkmire Grapnel (Red)
3x Murkmire Grapnel (Yellow)
3x Murkmire Grapnel (Blue)
3x Sedation Shot (Red)
3x Sedation Shot (Yellow)
3x Sedation Shot (Blue)
3x Skybound Shot (Red)
3x Skybound Shot (Yellow)
3x Skybound Shot (Blue)
3x Spire Sniping (Red)
3x Spire Sniping (Yellow)
3x Spire Sniping (Blue)
3x Widowmaker(Red)
3x Widowmaker (Yellow)
3x Widowmaker (Blue)
3x Withering Shot (Red)
3x Withering Shot (Yellow)
3x Withering Shot (Blue)

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