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Hero: Lexi - Elemental Ranger
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After centuries of uneasy peace, the land of Rathe balances on the brink of war once again. Savage beasts emerge from the primordial jungle, clashing with noble warriors in increasingly violent skirmishes. A forgotten realm finds its ancient barriers eroding, exposing it to the greed of others, while a mystical land is faced with the history it once tried to bury, threatening to expose the secrets of their ancestors.

In a world plagued by conflict, you must fight for the chance to determine your fate. Will you succumb to the machinations of others, or will you choose your own path? Pick up your sword and prepare for battle; for no matter where you run, war will find you.


Up the sides of mighty fjords that reach up into the heavens lies a domain brimming with the essence of Lightning and Ice. The people of Aria named this fantastical realm Enion, the Armory of Ancients, and the Training Ground of Champions.

Lexi grew up in Volthaven, a village that drifted slowly as it navigated the treacherous skies of Enion. Her childhood was spent in wide-eyed wonder, under the soft embrace of the Aurora, as she marveled at the majestic sights that lay beyond her windows. As she grew, she fell in love with the sense of freedom found in the environment all around her, and resolved to explore its beauty and secrets by becoming the greatest Wayfarer in all of Rathe! She was daring, talented, and quick on her feet, and soon became the darling of Volthaven, and a most renowned adventurer recognized throughout the thousand isles of Enion.

During this time of change, as the Old Ones' influence seeps into Aria once more, mysterious vaults have appeared all over Enion as the elements run wild throughout the region, destroying their beautiful home. It is up to Lexi and her friends to delve deep into the mysteries lying at the heart of Enion. They must rediscover the secrets of the Third Age and the legacy of the defenders and the Ancients, before it is too late.


40 cards in main deck, plus hero, weapon, equipment, tokens (if any) cards.

Rarity Breakdown in Deck

As contents of deck may change due to availability of cards. Please contact us if you will need the decklist.

Decklist updated on 21 July 2023.

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