Everfest Generic Rare & Common Playset Pack

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Everfest Generic Rare & Common Playset Pack

1x Arcane Lantern [Equipment]
3x Life of the Party (Red)
3x Life of the Party (Yellow)
3x Life of the Party (Blue)
3x High Striker (Red)
3x High Striker (Yellow)
3x High Striker (Blue)
3x Pick a Card, Any Card (Red)
3x Pick a Card, Any Card (Yellow)
3x Pick a Card, Any Card (Blue)
3x Smashing Good Time (Red)
3x Smashing Good Time (Yellow)
3x Smashing Good Time (Blue)
3x Even Bigger Than That! (Red)
3x Even Bigger Than That! (Yellow)
3x Even Bigger Than That! (Blue)
3x Amulet of Assertiveness
3x Amulet of Echoes
3x Amulet of Havencall
3x Amulet of Ignition
3x Amulet of Intervention
3x Amulet of Oblation
3x Clarity Potion
3x Healing Potion
3x Potion of Seeing
3x Potion of Deja Vu
3x Potion of Ironhide
3x Potion of Luck
3x Talisman of Balance
3x Talisman of Cremation
3x Talisman of Featherfoot
3x Talisman of Recompense
3x Talisman of Tithes
3x Talisman of Warfare
1x Copper [Token]
1x Silver [Token]
1x Quicken [Token]
1x Frostbite [Token]

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