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Hero: Dorinthea - Warrior
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A young lieutenant in the Hand of Sol, Dorinthea Ironsong has dedicated her life to defending the people of Solana. Once, her kind heart and natural curiosity lead her to question her elders, forgoing the orders of her superiors in favour of following her heart. Yet her brash actions put the party in danger, and her fellow knights paid for her mistake with their lives. Thea has since learned to follow the wisdom of Sol in all aspects of her life, vowing to honour the memory of those that were lost that fateful day.

Thea is a formidable opponent on the battlefield, a prodigy swordswoman who uses both skill and strategy to her advantage. Wielding the Dawnblade, she is graceful and nimble, darting past her opponent’s defenses to make every attack count.


Dorinthea [Hero]

Inventory Slot
Ironrot Helm
Ironrot Plate
Gallantry Gold
Refraction Bolters
Nullrune Hood
Nullrune Robe
Nullrune Gloves
Jubeel, Spellbane
Ironhide Plate
Ironhide Gauntlet

Spellbane Aegis [Token]

2x Singing Steelblade
2x Steelblade Supremacy
2x Overpower (1)
2x Overpower (3)
2x Warrior's Valor (1)
2x Warrior's Valor (2)
2x Warrior's Valor (3)
2x Steelblade Shunt (3)
2x Energy Potion
2x Plow Through (3)
2x Scar for a Scar (1)
2x Ironsong Response (1)
2x Nature's Path Pilgrimmage (1)
2x Sharpen Steel (1)
2x Sharpen Steel (3)
2x Stroke of Foresight (1)
2x Out for Blood (1)
2x Out for Blood (3)
2x Brandish (1)
2x Puncture (1)

Decklist updated on 26 November 2022.

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