LSS Precon Briar Blitz Deck

Type: LSS Precon Reconstructed - Tales of Aria
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The protectors of Isenloft awaken from their endless winter slumber. The wardens of Candlehold sharpen their thorns within the blossoming undergrowth. The prophets of Volthaven set their sights on a future painted by great aurora.

Ready-to-play out of the box, Tales of Aria Blitz Decks are crafted as an introduction product to Flesh and Blood and perfect for kitchen table gaming. Each Blitz Deck includes a rainbow foil hero card, a beautiful addition to the collection of new and experienced players alike.


Briar is a Warden of the Rosetta, an Order of powerful spell weavers that once stood alongside the likes of the Ollin and the Seers.

Towards the end of the Third Age, the Rosetta suffered heavy casualties at the hands of the Old Ones. When all hope seemed lost, their Queen cast a reckless spell that turned the tide of battle, igniting the essence of Davnir to preserve their fading spirits. As the dust settled, the Queen woke from her slumber and gathered up the spirits of her people, planting them as seeds so that they may begin their life anew. But like the Queen, they too became trapped within Candlehold, as they became one with the essence of Davnir.

While her brothers and sisters were seeded in friendly pastures, Briar landed amongst the bramble and thorns at the furthest edges of Candlehold. Despite these inhospitable conditions, she stood strong and resilient, and in time she bloomed into a powerful Warden. As Briar came of age, her power became evident to all, for her grove extended out of Candlehold and connected with the rest of Aria; she alone could break the grip of Davnir's mighty essence, and escape into the outside world.

Though her brothers and sisters had become content within their slice of paradise, Briar was filled with a desire to spread her roots far and wide. She would be the first of the Rosetta to set foot outside Candlehold since the time of the Ancients, bringing with her the tidings of her people, and the start of a brand new adventure.


This is a reconstructed LSS Precon Briar Blitz Deck.

Hero / Weapon / Equipment
1 x Briar
1 x Heartened Cross Strap
1 x Ironrot Gauntlet
1 x Plume of Evergrowth
1 x Rosetta Thorn
1 x Sutcliffe's Suede Hides

Pitch 1
2 x Bramble Spark (1)
2 x Burgeoning (1)
2 x Earthlore Surge (1)
2 x Entwine Earth (1)
2 x Entwine Lightning (1)
1 x Evergreen (1)
1 x Explosive Growth (1)
1 x Rites of Lightning (1)
2 x Rites of Replenishment (1)
2 x Sow Tomorrow (1)
2 x Stir the Wildwood (1)
1 x Weave Earth (1)

Pitch 2
2 x Autumn's Touch (2)
2 x Electrify (2)
1 x Flash (2)
2 x Lightning Surge (2)
2 x Stir the Wildwood (2)
1 x Summerwood Shelter (2)

Pitch 3
2 x Amulet of Earth (3)
2 x Bramble Spark (3)
2 x Earthlore Surge (3)
2 x Rites of Replenishment (3)
2 x Sow Tomorrow (3)

1 x Embodiment of Earth
1 x Embodiment of Lightning

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