Arcane Rising UL Runeblade Rare & Common Playset Pack

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Arcane Rising Runeblade Rare & Common Playset Pack

1x Viserai, Rune Blood [Token]
1x Viserai [Token]
1x Nebula Blade [Token]
1x Crown of Dichotomy [Equipment]
3x Spellblade Assault [Red]
3x Spellblade Assault [Yellow]
3x Spellblade Assault [Blue]
3x Reduce to Runechant [Red]
3x Reduce to Runechant [Yellow]
3x Reduce to Runechant [Blue]
3x Oath of the Arknight [Red]
3x Oath of the Arknight [Yellow]
3x Oath of the Arknight [Blue]
3x Amplify the Arknight [Red]
3x Amplify the Arknight [Yellow]
3x Amplify the Arknight [Blue]
3x Drawn to the Dark Dimension [Red]
3x Drawn to the Dark Dimension [Yellow]
3x Drawn to the Dark Dimension [Blue]
3x Rune Flash [Red]
3x Rune Flash [Yellow]
3x Rune Flash [Blue]
3x Spellblade Strike [Red]
3x Spellblade Strike [Yellow]
3x Spellblade Strike [Blue]
3x Bloodspill Invocation [Red]
3x Bloodspill Invocation [Yellow]
3x Bloodspill Invocation [Blue]
3x Read the Runes [Red]
3x Read the Runes [Yellow]
3x Read the Runes [Blue]
1x Runechant [Token]

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