Arcane Rising UL Ranger Rare & Common Playset Pack

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Arcane Rising Ranger Rare & Common Playset Pack

1x Azalea, Ace in the Hole [Token]
1x Azalea [Token]
1x Death Dealer [Token]
1x Bull's Eye Bracers [Equipment]
3x Take Cover (Red)
3x Take Cover (Yellow)
3x Take Cover (Blue)
3x Silver the Tip (Red)
3x Silver the Tip (Yellow)
3x Silver the Tip (Blue)
3x Take Aim (Red)
3x Take Aim (Yellow)
3x Take Aim (Blue)
3x Head Shot (Red)
3x Head Shot (Yellow)
3x Head Shot (Blue)
3x Hamstring Shot (Red)
3x Hamstring Shot (Yellow)
3x Hamstring Shot (Blue)
3x Ridge Rider Shot (Red)
3x Ridge Rider Shot (Yellow)
3x Ridge Rider Shot (Blue)
3x Salvage Shot (Red)
3x Salvage Shot (Yellow)
3x Salvage Shot (Blue)
3x Searing Shot (Red)
3x Searing Shot (Yellow)
3x Searing Shot (Blue)
3x Sic 'Em Shot (Red)
3x Sic 'Em Shot (Yellow)
3x Sic 'Em Shot (Blue)

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