RTN Top 8 Interview - Farid Farhan

Occupation: IT Engineer

Self Introduction about yourself 

I am a 36 year old father, trying to sneak in some card games when it is not my turn to take care of my 3 year old daughter!

Why and how did you start to play FAB?

Looking for something to do whenever I have "me time". And i like to play card games!

What attracts you to keep on playing?

Active players, high number of tournament and competitive play

What is your best FAB-related story, since you have started playing FAB!

This is my first RTN top 8 so i am pretty happy!

What do you like about Singapore FAB community?

Very friendly and willing to spend time to teach each other

What do you think that our Singapore community needs to improve on?

Earlier tournaments so it ends early :)

What do you think of the set Heavy Hitters

Too many poppers vs dromai:(

Any tips and advice to players who are playing this season's RTN?

Keep a cool head and don't be tilted, at the end of the day it's just a game (I'm reminding myself every time as well)

Click here for decklist!

Road to nationals

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Im so proud of my boboi. If only our other bobois succesful like this boboi.

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