RTN Top 8 Interview - Eugene Neo

Occupation: Civil Servant

Self Introduction about yourself 

Kano main! Wizard for life!

Why and how did you start to play FAB?

Stumbled upon the “How to Play” video when I wanted to get back into TCG. And now it’s an integral part of my life. I look forward to traveling around the world with my Kano attending armouries and events!

What is your best FAB-related story, since you have started playing FAB!

Being a spectator to another Kano game, where both players doesn’t speak the same language, but somehow managed to progress the game. It was hilarious

What do you like about Singapore FAB community?

We are united yet competitive! I’m still waiting for a “Team Singapore”!

What do you think that our Singapore community needs to improve on?

More new players! We can all actively introduce FaB to other players

Any tips and advice to players who are playing this season's RTN?

Board AB3 or Oasis!

Click here for decklist!

Road to nationals

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