RTN Top 8 Interview - Denny Sunarjo

Occupation: QA

Self Introduction about yourself 

Hi I’m Denny!

Why and how did you start to play FAB?

During covid time, one of my colleagues introduced me to the game. As I had nothing much to do during that period, I thought of giving the game a go

What attracts you to keep on playing?

Winning with non-meta deck feels good

What is your best FAB-related story, since you have started playing FAB!

Even until today, I still couldn’t believe I was able to 9-0 a BH event. It was surreal and definitely one of my proudest moment as an FAB player.

What do you like about Singapore FAB community?

Competitive, but at the same time, most shops are still new-player friendly!

What do you think that our Singapore community needs to improve on?

I hope one day our local players can achieve top 8 in overseas Calling or PT events!

What do you think of the set Heavy Hitters

1 card - JJE - made me play Azalea SSGB again

Any tips and advice to players who are playing this season's RTN?

Kano is real, pack your ABs

Click here for decklist!

Road to nationals

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