Play Day Event

Play Day events are intended to be a fun, low-stakes way for casual players to play Flesh and Blood and for new players to try it for the first time. 

When: 4 Feb, 5.00PM

What: Heavy Hitters Blitz Preconstructed

How: Purchase 1x Heavy Hitters Blitz Preconstructed Deck

Player to sign up for each of the six different heroes receiving the promo card which matches their selected hero as follows:

Kayo: Knucklehead (Rainbow Foil)
Rhinar: Monstrous Veil (Rainbow Foil)
Victor: Golden Glare (Rainbow Foil)
Betsy: Good Time Chapeau (Rainbow Foil)
Kassai: Hood of Red Sand (Rainbow Foil)
Olympia: Prized Galea (Rainbow Foil)

Casual play