Heavy Hitters Prerelease

Excited for the upcoming release? Seize the opportunity to snag the latest cards ahead of time at our thrilling Flesh and Blood Heavy Hitters Prerelease Event!

Date and Time
28 January, Sunday, 10am

Entry Fee
*For every armory joined in January, you will get $1 off for the prerelease entry fee.
If you joined all 4 events (3, 10, 17, 24 Jan), an additional $1 off will be applied.
Rebate will be processed on the prerelease day.

Heavy Hitters Sealed Deck

Each player receives a Heavy Hitters 9-card pre-release pack which includes:
1 Starting Stake (Cold Foil) Promo Card
1 Might // Vigor (Rainbow Foil) Double-sided Promo Card
1 Agility // Gold (Rainbow Foil) Double-sided Promo Card
6 Hero/Weapon Tokens

- Heavy Hitters Booster Packs
- Other prizes from prerelease prize kit