Flesh and Blood Jul Armory

Armory Events, held weekly, are casual tournaments for anyone to join. Play Flesh and Blood, win sweet prizes! It's a mix of casual and competitive players, so have fun and grow your skills in a friendly, social environment.

When: Every Wednesday*, 8PM

What: Classic Constructed, Capped at 3 Swiss rounds OR Part the Mistveil Draft, Capped at 3 Swiss rounds

How for Classic Constructed: Regular entry ($6) / Premium entry ($18) / Mystery Hunt Access Pass ($135)

  • Regular entry ($6)
    • Comes with 1 Booster Pack or 20 Steam counter
  • Premium entry ($18)
    • Comes with 3 Booster Pack + 1 Drink or 64 Steam counter
  • Mystery Hunt Access Pass ($135)
    • Comes with 1 Booster Box (Choice of Part the Mistveil, Heavy Hitters, Bright Lights, Dusk till Dawn, Dynasty, Uprising, Everfest, Tales of Aria, Monarch)
    • Allows you to play in 2024 Jul, Aug and Sep (Constructed format) Armories for free.

How for Part the Mistveil Draft: Entry ($20) 

  • Entry ($20)
    • 3 Packs for Booster Draft
    • Additional 1 Booster Pack or 20 Steam counter

    Prizes: Armory Event Kit

    • Cold Foil (Jul 2024 - Cold Foil Blossoming Mistblade [1st - 4th Week])
      • Each week, Cold Foil will be put as a random prize draw.
    • Rainbow Foil Extended Art Promo (2024 Jul - Emissary of Tides / First Tenet of Chi: Tide / Second Tenet of Chi: Tide )
      • Each week, 8 other lucky winners will receive 1x random Rainbow Foil Extended Art promo 
    • Armory Playmat (2024 Jul - Nuu, Alluring Desire)
      • Last week of the month, playmat will be given out as prize draw.
      • Every week you participate, you will gain a chance for the playmat prize draw. 

      Steam Counter and Redemption Information


      Simply turn up for the event on the event day and let us know! 

      Payment will be instore.

      Alternatively, you can preregister your interest by messaging us on Whatsapp/Facebook.