Viserai Classic Constructed Competitive Deck

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    Competitive level deck


    81 Cards

    Hero: Viserai, Rune Blood (Runeblade)

    Weapon / Equipment
    Reaping Blade

    Arcanite Skullcap
    Bloodsheath Skeleta
    Crown of Dichotomy
    Grasp of the Arknight
    Nullrune Boots
    Nullrune Gloves
    Time Skippers

    Red Pitch
    3 x Enchanting Melody 
    3 x Enlightened Strike 
    3 x Exude Confidence 
    3 x Mordred Tide 
    3 x Oath of the Arknight 
    3 x Read the Runes 
    3 x Reduce to Runechant 
    3 x Sink Below 
    3 x Sonata Arcanix 

    Yellow Pitch
    3 x Ninth Blade of the Blood Oath 
    3 x Read the Runes 
    2 x Remembrance 
    3 x Runeblood Barrier 

    Blue Pitch
    3 x Amplify the Arknight 
    3 x Become the Arknight 
    3 x Brutal Assault
    3 x Dread Triptych 
    3 x Last Ditch Effort 
    3 x Meat and Greet 
    3 x Oath of the Arknight 
    3 x Raging Onslaught 
    3 x Read the Runes 
    3 x Rouse the Ancients 
    3 x Tome of the Arknight 

    1 x Gorganian Tome

    Viserai - Runeblade - $888.00

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