Katsu Mid Range Tempo Classic Constructed Competitive Deck

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    Competitive level deck


    81 Cards

    Hero: Katsu, the Wanderer (Ninja)

    Weapon / Equipment
    2x Harmonized Kodachi

    Breaking Scales
    Breeze Rider Boots
    Fyendal's Spring Tunic
    Mask of Momentum
    Nullrune Gloves
    Nullrune Hood
    Nullrune Robe
    Time Skippers

    Red Pitch
    1x Ancestral Empowerment
    3x Command and Conquer
    3x Enlightened Strike
    3x Fate Foreseen
    3x Flic Flak
    3x Fluster Fist
    3x Leg Tap
    2x Nourishing Emptiness
    2x Plunder Run
    2x Pounding Gale
    2x Razor Reflex
    1x Rising Knee Thrust
    3x Sink Below
    1x Soulbead Strike
    3x Surging Strike
    2x Torrent of Tempo
    3x Unmovable
    2x Whelming Gustwave

    Yellow Pitch
    1x Art of War
    2x Flic Flak
    2x Hurricane Technique
    2x Mugenshi: RELEASE

    Blue Pitch
    3x Find Center
    3x Flic Flak
    3x Fluster Fist
    3x Lord of Wind
    1x Rising Knee Thrust
    3x Soulbead Strike
    2x Timesnap Potion
    3x Whelming Gustwave

    Katsu - Ninja - $1,500.00

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