Kano Classic Constructed Competitive Deck

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    Competitive level deck


    81 Cards

    Hero: Kano, Dracai of Aether (Wizard)

    Weapon / Equipment
    Crucible of Aetherweave

    Fyendal's Spring Tunic
    Metacarpus Node
    Storm Striders
    Talismanic Lens

    Red Pitch
    3x Aether Flare 
    3x Aether Spindle 
    3x Blazing Aether 
    3x Chains of Eminence
    3x Forked Lightning 
    1x Nourishing Emptiness 
    3x Reverberate 
    3x Snapback
    3x Stir the Aetherwinds
    3x Tome of Aetherwind
    3x Voltic Bolt

    Yellow Pitch
    3x Chain Lightning 
    3x Lesson in Lava 
    3x Sonic Boom 
    3x Tome of Fyendal 

    Blue Pitch
    3x Aether Spindle
    3x Cindering Foresight 
    3x Energy Potion 
    1x Eye of Ophidia 
    3x Gaze the Ages 
    3x Reverberate 
    3x Rousing Aether 
    3x Scalding Rain 
    1x Timesnap Potion 
    3x Unmovable 
    3x Voltic Bolt 
    3x Whisper of the Oracle 

    Kano - Wizard - $1,000.00

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