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Hero: Kano - Wizard
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Descended from nobility, Kano was born with the power of the dragon’s fire within his veins, able to shape the flames from the instant he drew his first breath. A cunning trickster yet undeniably gifted with a connection to aether, he is both admired and scorned by the other Lord Wizards of the Court.

As a member of the royal court, Kano must inevitably take on his duty, and accept his place amongst the Dracai. But Kano, he'd rather focus on exploring age-old tomes in the deepest recess of the libraries, or hidden within ancient catacombs, for spells and tricks to control and amplify his flame.


52 Cards

- Young Hero
- 11 Inventory Slot (Class Specific Weapon + Basic Equipments + Nullrunes)
- 6 Majestic/Super Rares
- 14 Rares
- 20 Commons

Decklist updated on 5 April 2022.

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