Iyslander Blitz Starter Deck

Hero: Iyslander - Elemental Wizard
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A lost child thrust into the vast and unforgiving ice-plains of the Bleak Expanse, you grew up amongst the spirits of the cold northern winds. With a heart full of wonder and innocence, you embraced the angry elements that battered these lands. And in time, they became your closest friend, and you their protector.

But what is this searing pain, every time you close your eyes?

What arcane secrets lie behind the shackles that bind your mind?

Even as you take command of the power that courses through these endless plains of snow, you cannot help but grasp at the frozen memories of your long forgotten past...


40 cards in main deck, plus hero, weapon, equipment, tokens (if any) cards.

Rarity Breakdown in Deck

6 Super Rare/Majestic
10 Rare
24 Commons

As contents of deck may change due to availability of cards. Please contact us if you will need the decklist.

Decklist updated on 2 December 2022.

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