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Hero: Benji, the Piercing Wind - Ninja
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Benji, the Piercing Wind

Deep within the Gorge of a Thousand Winds, a young ninja trains alone, as swift and sharp as the racing winds that tear into the rock face below. As a member of the Mugenshi clan, Benji is keenly aware of the threats that lie beyond the gorge, and those who would see his clan erased altogether.

In spite of his age, Benji is diligent and focused, harnessing his innate talent through years of careful study. He deeply respects the Mugenshi elders, and hopes to one day number among the most skilled members of his clan. A devoted student, he has dedicated himself to the task at hand, working to hone his skills and uphold the ancient traditions of the Mugenshi.

A swift and technical fighter, Benji has learned to use his size to his advantage, whittling down his opponents with a flurry of attacks. Yet as a storm brews on the horizon, one question remains: will Benji be able to protect his clan from the trials that lie ahead?


40 cards in main deck, plus hero, weapon, equipment, tokens (if any) cards.

Rarity Breakdown in Deck

5 Super Rare/Majestic
14 Rare
21 Commons

As contents of deck may change due to availability of cards. Please contact us if you will need the decklist.

Decklist updated on 2 December 2022.

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