Azalea Classic Constructed Competitive Deck

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    Ready to play

    Competitive level deck


    81 Cards

    Hero: Azalea, Ace in the Hole (Ranger)

    Weapon / Equipment
    Death Dealer

    Bull's Eye Bracers
    Fyendal's Spring Tunic
    Skullbone Crosswrap
    Snapdragon Scalers

    Red Pitch
    3x  Command and Conquer
    3 x Endless Arrow 
    3 x Enlightened Strike 
    3 x Fate Foreseen
    3 x Hamstring Shot
    3 x Head Shot 
    3 x Nimblism 
    3 x Ravenous Rabble 
    3 x Razor Reflex 
    3 x Red in the Ledger 
    3 x Remorseless 
    3 x Ridge Rider Shot
    3 x Salvage Shot 
    3 x Scar for a Scar 
    3 x Searing Shot 
    3 x Sic 'Em Shot 
    3 x Sleep Dart 
    3 x Take Aim 
    3 x Take Cover 

    Yellow Pitch
    3 x Art of War 
    3 x Hamstring Shot 
    3 x Head Shot
    3 x Salvage Shot 
    3 x Sleep Dart 

    Blue Pitch
    3 x Nock the Deathwhistle

    Azalea - Ranger - $1,500.00

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