Entry Fee: SGD11
(Comes with 1 UL Monarch Booster)

If you are a regular and have been signing up for our events, you may directly sign up with us via Whatsapp/Discord - Fyendal Hobby Staff - Dennis

Alternatively, you may purchase the tickets here

Signup closes on 25 Jul 2pm (GMT+8)

Platform: Online (Webcam)
FAB Singapore Discord
- Aria Fyendal Hobby

Pairings will be posted on the discord.

Format: Classic Constructed
You are required to stick to the same deck for the whole of this event.

Structure Swiss Rounds (Capped at 32 Participants)
>8 players - 4 Rounds
>16 Players - 5 Rounds
Long form (Each Round will last 72 hours)

You and your opponent will decide on a time to play out your round within the allotted 72 hours!

Round Timings:
Round 1: 25 Jul 2pm (GMT+8) to 28 Jul 2pm (GMT+8)
Round 2: 28 Jul 2pm (GMT+8) to 31 Jul 2pm (GMT+8)
Round 3: 31 Jul 2pm (GMT+8) to 3 Aug 2pm (GMT+8)
Round 4: 3 Aug 2pm (GMT+8) to 5 Aug 2pm (GMT+8)
Round 5: 5 Aug 2pm (GMT+8) to 8 Aug 2pm (GMT+8)

If you and your opponent can't complete your match prior to the next round. The match will be reported as a draw.

Placement Prizing:
1st Place: $20 Fyendal Hobby Store Credit + 2 Old Armory Promos (Rainbow Foils)
2nd Place: $15 Fyendal Hobby Store Credit + 1 Old Armory Promo (Rainbow Foils)
3rd Place: $10 Fyendal Hobby Store Credit

Lucky Draw Prizing:
2 Old Armory Promos (Rainbow Foils)
2 Old Armory Promos (Rainbow Foils)
$10 Fyendal Hobby Store Credit
$10 Fyendal Hobby Store Credit

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