Season 4 Skirmish


Event Details

    • WHEN: 3 April, 11am

All are welcomed to join!

Entry: S$30

    Prizes to be won:

    Skirmish Prize Kit

    • 1st Place - 1x Spring Tidings Skirmish Champion Playmat + 1 Cold Foil Young Hero Card (Random - Boltyn/Chane/Levia/Prism/Lexi/Oldhim)
    • 2nd to 8th Place - 1 Cold Foil Young Hero Card (Random - Boltyn/Chane/Levia/Prism/Lexi/Oldhim)
    • 9th Place to 40th Place: Cold Foil Copper Token
    • 1 Random player will receive a player champion playmat (1st Place is excluded)

    Additional Booster Prizes

    • 1st Place: 24 1st Ed [EVR] Packs
    • 2nd place: 12 UL [TOA] Packs
    • 3rd - 4th place: 6 UL [TOA] Packs
    • 5th - 12th place: 3 UL [TOA] Packs 
    • 13th Place onwards: 1 UL [MON] Packs

      In Store Event Registration

      To register for the event, simply indicate your interest on the google form event entry!

      Payment will be online via paynow/paylah/Gpay before the event.

      In the event, if the number of registrants is over the capacity limit, slots will be balloted instead of first come first serve basis.
      Slots are non-transferrable.

      1st Ballot will be on 24th March.

      2nd Ballot will be on 31st March.