Road to Nationals 2023
Date: Sunday, 14 May, 10AM
(30 minutes scheduled lunch break after round 3)

Entry fee: S$40 
Format: Classic Constructed, Competitive REL - Deck list required. 
Ratings: XP Mulitplier x6, 8k ELO rated.
Rounds: Swiss rounds based on number of participants*
(33-64 players - 6 rds, 65-128 players - 7 rounds)

Local Payment Method: Paynow / GPay / Paylah to 91891089 
(Please send payment transaction reference to 91891089)
Placement Prize:
1st place: CF Jubeel, Spellbane + CF Adult Uzuri/Riptide
2nd place: 1 Outsiders display + CF Adult Uzuri/Riptide
3rd - 4th place: 12x Outsiders boosters + CF Adult Uzuri/Riptide
5th - 8th place: 6x Outsiders boosters + CF Adult Uzuri/Riptide
9th - 16th place: 3x Outsiders boosters + EA RF Spinning Wheel Kick
17th - 32nd place: 2x Monarch boosters + EA RF Spinning Wheel Kick
All other players: 2x Monarch boosters^
^Drops before 2pm will have their booster upgraded to Outsiders booster
Things to note:
1. You are encouraged to join Fyendalhobby's whatsapp group for notification purposes (you will receive the whatsapp link on the next page).
2. Confirmation of slots will be sent via Whatsapp.
3. If you have amendments to the form, please kindly update the store of the information changed. 
4. By signing up and attending the event, you may be interviewed, photographed and/or video for the purposes of marketing and promotions by Fyendalhobby and other authorised parties.
5. Should you need to drop for the event, please kindly let us know your preferred method of refund for entry fee.