Today is the last day of the year, and it marks the end of the chapter for this year! It is also one of the most memorable moment of the chapter of our journey thus far.

I'm lucky that my team and I have the same belief that we want to do good, and to give back to the society. We are also very thankful that the worldwide Flesh and Blood community is very supportive of the efforts, and thus lead to us raising a total of S$$3,368.76, through the initiatives.

These monies raised from the charity drive have been handed over to Club Rainbow. They have been supporting and empowering over 1200 children with chronic illnesses and their families by providing compassionate relevant services in their journey towards an enriching life. Adopting a holistic approach based on five core pillars of support, CRS partners the children and their families in their journey to achieve key objectives at different stages of their lives. They aim to give the children and their families a better quality of life and hope for the future.

We have also decide to make supporting a charitable cause, a yearly affair.

Once again, really thank you everyone for your efforts in supporting us and the wider community. Without you all, there wouldn't be us.

With love from the Fyendal Hobby Team~