January Classic Constructed Armory (In Store)

 flesh and blood armory events

Event Details

  • WHEN: 6 & 13 January, 7.30pm
  • FORMAT: Classic Constructed (IN STORE) 
  • ROUNDS: 3 Matches/Week

All are welcomed to join!

Entry Options


  • Comes with 2 UL Booster

    Prizes to be won each week

    • 1 CF Valda, Bright Axe
    • 8 RF Extended Art Life of the Party (Random Pitch)

    Weekly Prize Notes:

    3 wins will stand a chance to win the CF Valda, Bright Axe.
    (In the case of multiple 3-0s, only 1 3-0 will win the CF)

     3 wins = 2 Month End Lucky Draw Ticket + 4 Event Steam Counters
     2 wins = 1 Month End Lucky Draw Ticket + 2 Event Steam Counters
    0-1 win = 1 Month End Lucky Draw Ticket + 2 Event Steam Counters

    (Event Steam Counters will be used for future local in-store event and prizes)

    After the event, the remaining RF prizes will be drafted accordingly to the final swiss standings.

    Each person can only win 1 prize.

    Month End Lucky Draw

    On 27th January, after the armory event, there will be a month end lucky draw. The prizes for the draw includes:

    • 2 People’s Champion ‘Bravo, Star of the Show’ playmats

    Month End Lucky Prize Notes:

    • Each person can only win 1 grand prize for this draw. In Flesh and Blood, we believe that as long as you're a player who plays the game, you are someone who represent positive community spirit.

    The store may also award up to 1 Month End Lucky Draw Ticket to a player in the weekly event.



    To register for the event, simply fill up this registration form or whatsapp your interest to us!

    Name and FAB GEM ID will be needed for the registration.


    Payment Method

    • Local (Singapore): In store payment
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