DTD Prerelease

32 SLOTS AVAILABLE (8 participants for each pod)

Pod 1: 7 July 4pm
Pod 2: 7 July 6pm
Pod 3: 8 July 4pm
Pod 4: 9 July 4pm

FORMAT: Monarch Draft
ROUNDS: 3 Swiss Rounds 

Participation Prize: Herald of Ravages Promo + 2 DTD Boosters

1st place: CF Promo (Prism, Advent of Thrones OR Vynnset) + 4 DTD Boosters

Giveaway Draw
9 Different Missions - Calculated at the end of 3 Rounds
For each mission achieved, 1 chance for giveaway draw.
Giveaway Draw includes, DTD Boosters

Local Payment Method: Paynow / GPay / Paylah

Things to note:
1. There will be several priority slots reserved for our supporters of our events, and Slots are non-transferrable
2. In the event that there are players who signs up for multiple pods, multiple slots may be allocated to them. Filling of pods are prioritized to unique new players than persons signing up for multiple slots. 
3. After you filled up the form, we will send you a notification whether you are confirmed for the event.
4. After confirmation, you will be required to make payment via GPay/Whatsapp. Send the screenshot of the payment reference.
5. Only after you have done the above 2, 3 and 4, you will be enrolled for the event in fabtcg.com
6. You are encouraged to join the whatsapp group for notification purposes (you will receive the whatsapp link on the next page).
7. By signing up and attending the event, you may be interviewed, photographed and/or video for the purposes of marketing and promotions by Fyendal hobby and other authorised parties.
8. Should you need to drop for the event, please kindly let us know your preferred method of refund for entry fee.