Commoner League
Commoner is a fun, low barrier to entry way to play Flesh and Blood. It's a great constructed format for social gaming. A typical game of Commoner lasts around 20-30 minutes.

Commoner League Event Details

  • TIME: Follow schedule on poster
  • DATES: 22, 29 October (2 Events in October, 3 Events - 19/20/26 in November , 3 Events - 3/4/18 in December)
  • ROUNDS: Swiss Rounds depending on number of players
  • FORMAT: Commoner
  • League Period: Q4 2022, (October to December)

All are welcomed to join! If you do not have decks, the organiser has a few decks to lend!


      Weekly Prize

      • Pool bonus: 1 Event Steam Counter for each player joined for the event
      • 1st Place: 15 Event Steam Counter + Pool Bonus 
      • 1st - 8th Place: Random Rainbow Foil from Past Armory Kit
      • Undefeated: 3 Commoner League Points
      • All other players: 1 Commoner League Points

      Additional way to gain league points

      • If you have bring a new friend along to play in this league, both you and your friend will get 1 Commoner League Point!

      After the event, the final swiss standings will be used for prize payout. Prizes are drafted according to standing placement. (Ie, 1st place gets 1st pick, 2nd place gets 2nd pick, so on and so forth)

      (Event Steam Counters can be used for local in-store event and prizes)

      Details of Event Steam Counter redemption can be found here.

      Commoner League Points (End of Session 7)

      Vellavan, Avinash - 5 Points
      Goh, Aloysius - 4 Points
      Lim, Kean Onn - 8 Points
      wong, kc - 8 Points
      Lin, Mervyn - 7 Points
      Xiao, Dennis - 2 Points
      Ting, Marcus - 2 Points
      Ishak, Hakim - 1 Points
      Lim, Nigel - 2 Points
      Ju, yaqiong - 1 Points
      Phoenix, Eugene - 1 Points
      Tang, Bryan - 1 Points

      Cao, Jerry - 2 Points


      At the end of the league, winners with the most number of league points will be awarded with additional grand prizes to kickstart their journey!

      1st Place: 1 Class specific legendary from WTR/ARC 
      2nd Place: 1 Blitz playset of Rares, Super Rares and Majestics of your selected class from WTR/ARC
      3rd Place: 1 Artist Proof based on the heroes that you have played for the league duration. 

      2 Lucky persons will also walk away with 1 random Artist Proof each!

      In Store Event Registration

      To register for the event, simply indicate your interest on the Whatsapp/Telegram event entry list!

      In the event that there are less than 4 players interested for the event on the previous day, the event will be cancelled.

      Whatsapp Group Chat:

      Its free!