We have heard your comments fellow Salaryman, and are trying out a new form of Armory. Event is open to players worldwide. As long as you can speak English well enough to play, you are welcome to join this event!

Format: Online Blitz (Webcam)

1. Classic Constricted 
Signup link: https://fyendalhobby.com/products/Salarymancc

2. Blitz 
Signup link: https://fyendalhobby.com/products/Salarymanblitz

Entry: S$12 for each event (Comes with 1 UL Monarch Booster Pack)
Local Players - Paynow/Gpay to 91891089 (Please attach the payment reference after payment)

Players who are located overseas, you may make payment via Wise.
Please contact us via FB/email if you would like to do that.

When: Signup closes on 15 August 2021, 6pm (GMT+8)

Where: Flesh and Blood Singapore Discord (Webcam) (https://discord.gg/Dw5k7DP9Nx)

Rounds: 5 Rounds + Top 8

Round 1 Timing: 16 Aug, 12pm - 18 Aug 4pm (GMT +8)
Round 2 Timing: 18 Aug, 6pm - 20 Aug 4pm (GMT +8)
Round 3 Timing: 20 Aug, 6pm - 22 Aug 4pm (GMT +8)
Round 4 Timing: 24 Aug, 6pm - 26 Aug 4pm (GMT +8)
Round 5 Timing: 26 Aug, 6pm - 28 Aug 4pm (GMT +8)

Results Reporting: Results for each round have to be reported into the GEM system during its allotted time. It is your responsibility to make time for the rounds and to report scores correctly. If no results are determined by the allotted time, The match will be a draw. No extensions are allowed.

If you have offered timings to play, but your opponent is unable to play due to his schedule. You will get the win. 

Pairings: Pairings will be posted on Discord #aria-fyendalhobby channel.

You are encouraged to directly message your opponent to fix a time to play, as early as possible to avoid missing out on the deadline.

Prizes: Each Track (CC & Blitz)

1st - $20 Fyendalhobby Store Credit & 1 Set of Promo Vexing Malice
2nd - $15 Fyendalhobby Store Credit
3rd & 4th - $10 Fyendalhobby Store Credit

Participation (Lucky Draw)
Promo CF Galaxxi Black
2x Set of Promo Vexing Malice (R/Y/B)
2x $10 Fyendalhobby Store Credit

Lucky Draw will be conducted after the conclusion of Swiss Rounds. Results of Lucky Draw will be posted on #aria-fyendalhobby channel.

If you are located outside of Singapore, you may collate your prizes before sending we send it overseas. To save shipping cost, you may request for packs to be opened live, and shipped out. 

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