August Armory

 flesh and blood armory events

Event Details

  • TIME: 8.00pm
  • DATES: 4, 11, 18, 25 August 
  • ROUNDS: 3 Round
    • Classic Constructed

All are welcomed to join!


  • Comes with 40 Event Steam Counters OR 2 Booster


    • 1st Place: Cold Foil from August Armory Kit 
    • 2nd - 9th Place: Rainbow Foil from August Armory Kit
    • 3 wins: 2 Event Steam Counters
    • 0 - 2 wins: 1 Event Steam Counters

    3-0 Winners that did not win the Cold Foil will walk away with additional 20 Event Steam Counters.

    For every 4th player in the event (eg, 4, 8, 12, 16), 20 Event Steam Counter will be added to the lucky draw pool for the non-CF Winners.

    After the event, the final swiss standings will be used for prize payout. Prizes are drafted according to standing placement. (Ie, 1st place gets 1st pick, 2nd place gets 2nd pick, so on and so forth)

    (Event Steam Counters can be used for local in-store event and prizes)

    Details of Event Steam Counter redemption can be found here.

    Playmat Lucky Draw

    The playmats in the armory kit will be given out on 25 August.

    • Joining 2 armory events will get you 1 chance.
    • Joining 3 armory events will get you 2 chances.
    • Joining 4 armory events will get you 5 chances.

    To gain more chances to get the playmat! Play more events and bring positive community spirit! 

    In Store Event Registration

    To register for the event, simply indicate your interest on the Whatsapp/Telegram event entry list!

    Registration closes 2 hours before the event start time!

    In the event that there are less than 4 players for Classic Constructed, the event will be cancelled.

    Whatsapp Group Chat:

    Payment will be instore.