Name: Bun, Ar
Hero: Kano
Crucible of Aetherweave
Arcanite Skullcap
Fyendal's Spring Tunic
Ironrot Gauntlet
Metacarpus Node
Nullrune Hood
Robe of Rapture
Storm Striders
Talismanic Lens
Red Pitch
2x Aether Flare
2x Aether Spindle
1x Blazing Aether
2x Forked Lightning
2x Nourishing Emptiness
2x Snapback
2x Stir the Aetherwinds
1x Tome of Aetherwind
2x Voltic Bolt
Yellow Pitch
2x Chain Lightning
2x Lesson in Lava
2x Sonic Boom
1x Tome of Fyendal
Blue Pitch
2x Aether Flare
2x Energy Potion
1x Eye of Ophidia
2x Gaze the Ages
2x Reverberate
2x Scalding Rain
2x Snapback
2x Voltic Bolt
2x Zap

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