Name: Xingjia, Shen
Hero: Viserai
Reaping Blade
Arcanite Skullcap
Grasp of the Arknight
Bloodsheath Skeleta
Mage Master Boots
Crown of Dichotomy
Nullrune Boots
Nullrune Gloves
Red Pitch
2x Exude Confidence
2x Mordred Tide
2x Read the Runes
2x Reduce to Runechant
2x Sink Below
2x Sonata Arcanix
2x Whisper of the Oracle
Yellow Pitch
2x Ninth Blade of the Blood Oath
2x Read the Runes
2x Runeblood Barrier
1x Tome of Fyendal
2x Whisper of the Oracle
Blue Pitch
1x Amplify the Arknight
2x Become the Arknight
2x Brutal Assault
2x Dread Triptych
2x Last Ditch Effort
2x Raging Onslaught
2x Rouse the Ancients
2x Vexing Malice
2x Whisper of the Oracle

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